Building a Social Media Experience
7digital for Social Media
Our platform supports the world's most popular social media platforms, helping people connect through music they love.
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A music catalogue that fuels creativity
Using 7digital music platform, global social media brands are producing ever more powerful content creation tools that allow entertainment to become more participative.

We're fully integrated with the world's labels and publishers so we can introduce millions of new tracks to millions of users, every day.
1000s of custom reports
Our systems are built to report for any format including creation, views, background music and more. In addition, our platform is fully integrated with leading content ID recognition platforms to offer the highest accuracy in UGC reporting to the rights holders and content creators.

Financial and usage reporting can be made daily/monthly to labels, multiple publishers, PRIOs, etc.
24/7 continuous music flow
End-to-end automation of the ingestion process ensures users have the freshest tracks at their fingertips on release day so tastemakers can better focus on content creativity.
Music clearances secured at scale
Serving the world's communities is complex. We've built our platform to make adhering to multiple licensing agreements easy and instant, no duplicate or manual processes required.
7digital can help you use music as a social communication
Hundreds of millions of DAU supported
7digital is already the largest provider of licensed music to social media giants and global tech companies.
Music in any feed
7digital's platform can ingest, deliver, and report on any content engagement format including views, creates and livestreams.
Easy territory expansion and support
Turnkey territory management makes it easy to expand your fan base and launch new apps that have global and regional appeal.
High performance client team
7digital's Client Success Team and dashboard tools give technical, product and operational assistance 24/7.