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7digital for Fitness
We offer all the benefits of music in fitness without its challenges.
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End-to-end rights reconciliation
7digital's platform is fully integrated with the world's labels and publishers so your clearances can be filtered on-demand, in real time - eliminating manual back-end processes.
Flexible options to make top notch playlists
The 7d Instructor Playlisting Tool gives you the flexibility to create programs with the right music at the right intensity — all from your cleared catalog. Smart recommendations offer new options from your catalogue for new and refreshed playlists.
More music, better playlists
7digital's global catalogue of 80+ M tracks powers anything from meditation to Tabata. Our platform auto-filters to your licensed agreements so your trainers just have to choose their groove.
Trusted partner to support your licensing needs
The 7digital team has over 15 years of global licensing experience and expertise to advise you on your way to launching and growing your fitness app.
7digital is the easiest way to use commercial music in fitness
Removes all reporting complexity
We've integrated with the world's labels and publishers to handle your reporting requirements to rightsholders.
Your high performance client team
One-to-one service, tools and reports give technical and operational control and visibility.
Built to support teams of any size
Our cloud-based services scale effortlessly to meet demand and ensure a best-in-class experience.
Integrations offer more customisation
Level up users’ experience with pre-built integrations with industry leaders such as Muzooka, HFA, MRI and more. See our Partner network.