Sabrina Denoun.

Meet the Team

Sabrina Denoun

Client Operations

Tell us what you do at 7digital

I'm a Senior Client Operations Manager based in our Paris office. I manage the operations team in France which is composed of the Client Operations Managers, the QA Testing and Client Support team, and our Content Operations representatives in Paris. I work closely with the UK Client Operations team to set up and maintain some of our common processes.

Tell us a little about what you did before you started working at 7digital and what you like to do in your spare time. 

I graduated from the TELECOM Business School France in 2011, shortly after I met the Snowite team at Midem conference. I had just completed my specialisation in Audiovisual & Multimedia Project Management when I joined Snowite, which then became a part of 7digital in 2016, and the rest is history! Like most people at 7digital, I am very passionate about music. I am a singer, writer and composer; I also play the piano, guitar and still perform regularly. My friends call me 'Jukebox' as I can start singing from any single word!

What was the last great concert you went to?

The last great concert I went to was in June last year where I was lucky enough to see Céline Dion in Paris, on the opening night of a set of nine concerts, which were completely sold out within a few hours. The concert marked her comeback in France and it was very emotional - just Céline, her voice and thirty great musicians. It was an absolute pleasure to hear her live and something I will never forget.