Reece Daniels.

Meet the Team

Reece Daniels

Content Operations

Tell us what you do at 7digital

I'm responsible for overseeing and improving metadata quality and supply chain operations at 7digital, leading our Content Operations division. Our team deals with the setup of inbound label, distributor and aggregator systems, acting as the day-to-day contact for all digital music deliveries to 7digital. We're also responsible for metadata analysis and standards, expanding content coverage across radio, podcasts and new music, and requirements gathering for supply chain and metadata enhancements on the platform.

Tell us a little about what you did before you started working at 7digital?

My first step into the music industry was at Ministry of Sound as an Intern, collecting label copy and audio assets for the physical CD compilations team. It was a great insight in to what was then the biggest independent record label in the UK. Prior to that I was at Swansea University where I studied Music Technology.

In your opinion, what is the best technology innovation of the past five years?

The adoption and influence of voice has been great to watch. Within 2 years we've seen 100m devices sold containing so-called smart assistants, enabling a completely fresh set of interactions that vastly broaden the accessibility of online music, and we're only on the beginning of the journey. It's critically important the metadata used for 'organic' searches keeps up with expectations. I also firmly believe contactless has made a remarkably subtle, but significant, change to our daily lives, and we're only scratching the surface with facial recognition and augmented reality. Looking forward, I'm interested to see what technological innovations the roll-out of 5G enables.