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Meet The Team: Jade Bowyer


Picture of Jade B Here at 7digital, we value our team and feel it is important to get to know eachother. We're a vibrant group, united by a passion for music and technology, which fuels our ambition both inside and outside of the workplace.

With many exciting skills and interests spread across each department, we are proud of everyone involved in the 7digital team. Read on to meet Jade Bowyer from Entertainment News. 

Hi Jade, tell us, what do you do here at 7digital? 
Hello! I’m part of the team at Entertainment News, we syndicate showbiz to around 120 radio stations across the UK and Ireland, and we also create online videos for lots of those stations, and other websites including Yahoo, FHM, Heat Magazine and Closer. Very specifically, I look after our output on television – so that’s everything from Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor, through to The Fall, Poldark and Coronation Street.

Entertainment news! What drew you to that line of work? 
I started my career in ‘hard news’, interviewing politicians, hanging out in court rooms, and trawling through council minutes. But whilst my head was in that, my heart was more interested in cinema blockbusters, what was happening at the BRIT awards, and whether Sienna Miller was ever going to get back together with Jude Law.

What’s the most exciting/funny/awkward interview you’ve ever conducted? 
Jared Leto once called me beautiful. That was a special moment. Zach Braff stroked my leg as he ‘liked my trousers’ – I think we both felt a bit awkward after that. Will Ferrell, in character as Ron Burgundy, tried to teach me how to be better at my job – by tangling my arms and mic together with another reporter. And Simon Cowell’s dog peed on his foot whilst he was talking to me. Never mix dogs and interviews. 

And who would be your dream interviewee? 
The team always laugh at me – they’ll choose Al Pacino, George Clooney, Dolly Parton – for me, I’m still waiting for my moment with Olly Murs. I like talking to people who are honest, fun, down-to-earth, and happy to have a good natter.

We hear you have to do a lot of night shifts in Entertainment News, how do you get through them? 
Lots of tea, lots of afternoons watching Homes Under The Hammer (can’t wait for Dion Dublin to join the team there, seriously), and not a lot of sleeping. The’ man-up-and-power-through’ strategy tends to work. I’d like to say I’ve got used to them, after ten years of doing strange shifts in radio, but that would be a lie. Some people are morning people, I am not. But I’ve come to accept that in order to do a job I love, I need to work some weird hours – and really, it’s not that bad!

So as you work at a tech company we have to ask, what is the main way that you consume music? 
In any way I can. Life is generally better with music. In the office we tend to listen to a different radio station every day, to keep an eye on what our partners are doing on-air. Then on days like today, I’m multitasking on music, also streaming tracks in my headphones from artists who’ll be playing Isle of Wight Festival, as I’m going to be back stage covering that in a couple of weeks. At home, I finally traded in my huge collection of CDs a few years ago, and have all that music saved digitally, so dip into that a lot – or again, streaming, or radio online. 

Which band or group are we most likely to find you listening to? 
So varied! Today, there’s a lot of Black Keys, and after a few listens, I’m feeling the new Blur album. Isle of Wight inspired. I’m a big dance music fan – I’m heading back to Ibiza for the fifth time this summer, and have seen some incredible sets there. One of the most memorable from Laidback Luke, at Amnesia. Or if I’m after something a little more calming, I think Alt-J are great.

As an entertainment news journalist, what is the most ESSENTIAL piece of equipment you own for getting a good interview? 
Recording equipment! These days, lots of broadcast journalists will use their mobiles to record audio, but you’re dicing with trouble when it comes to the battery lasting. I wouldn’t be without my Marantz. I’ve stood by that for a few years now, although if you ask me again in a couple of years, I’m sure it’ll be something new. I started using DAT recorders, moved on to mini disc, then the Marantz, and I’ve also dabbled with a flash mic. That’s in a ten year window. There’ll be something else soon, I’m sure.

Oh, and some charm. A smile, and being polite, tends to go a long way towards getting someone on side during an interview.

Lastly, you’re winding down after a long week at work, what’s the one artist/band guaranteed to get you dancing? 
I like to wind up at the weekend, rather than down! Give me some Swedish House Mafia, or a little bit of Garage please. At one point I could recite all of Sparks and Kie – Fly Bi – albeit probably inventing some lyrics along the way. Although that’s not something I tend to do publicly…