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Meet The Team: Frank Pickard


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Here at 7digital, we value our team and feel it is important to get to know eachother. We're a vibrant group, united by a passion for music and technology, which fuels our ambition both inside and outside of the workplace.

With many exciting skills and interests spread across each department, we are proud of everyone involved in the 7digital team. Read on to meet Frank Pickard from the DBA Team. 

Hi Frank, great to meet you! What is your job here at 7digital?  

Hello! I’m a BI Reporting Developer in our DBA team. So, I build data reports and dashboards for 7digital’s suppliers, customers and internal teams. I guess .… I help us to make sense of what we’re doing day-to-day.  

How have you found it so far?
Well…I joined 7digital almost three months ago and I haven’t broken anything yet which is a good sign! Everyone has made me feel right at home here and I’m really enjoying discovering how the digital music industry works.  

What’s the importance of reporting in a company such as ours? 
Primarily, it keeps me in a job and out of mischief - which can only be a good thing. 
Beyond that.... 7digital operates in a world that contains an un-imaginably vast amount of data. Managed well, that data can be used to educate ourselves so that we discover things that we were previously unaware of. 
Such ‘learning’ then gives us the ability to come up with more evolved and intelligent thoughts, make better decisions, unlock new insights and, to some extent, even forecast the future.  Pretty powerful stuff huh?

What was the last gig you went to? 
Ok… I have to confess… I'm not hugely into live music.  I definitely prefer the pre-recorded experience, perhaps in the comfort of 7digital’s listening room with those fancy speakers and maybe even a nice cup of tea. If you insist on knowing … I remember being dragged to some weird ‘art-music fusion’ thing in a warehouse in Brooklyn.  It was freezing cold and there was a repetitive ‘soundscape’ of wind chimes and breaking glass. Worse still, there was no bar. 

Seeing as you’re a local could you give us some tips on our local area?  
So, I moved to Shoreditch… way back when in the 1990’s.  It was a desolate no-man's land of jellied eels, mash and market-stall clothing. There were no raspberry-martinis back then and you really couldn’t buy a pint of milk at the weekend either …. that’s all changed now….so…

According to Frank, where are the best places to: 
I'm loving that Taiwanese bubble tea at the moment. The ‘Boba Yard’ is London's original bubble-tea specialist on Hackney Road. They have free Wifi and ping pong tables, so it’s just like being in the office… or if you don’t feel like shifting from your desk, then there’s always deliveroo.

For those whose engines only run on more fortified refreshments then … get yourself down to the Prince Arthur. It’s in the backstreets near to Old Street - Brunswick Place to be exact. http://www.shepherdneame.co.uk/pubs/shoreditch/prince-arthur

The New Rochelle Canteen. World class food in a Victorian school’s old bike shed. You could be here for decades and never know the place even exists. Entry is via a buzzer on a tiny door in the wall of Arnold Circus giving it that 'secret' touch.

The cakes at Ottolenghi are worth a mention too….

Take someone you want to impress: 
The Duck & Waffle sits atop the Heron Skyscraper on Bishopsgate. Enjoy breakfast or brunch as awesome views of our fine city spread out in every direction.

Get away from the hustle and bustle:
I like to take my dog up along the locks and the bridges of the Regents canal. We head all the way up to the Chinese pagoda in Victoria Park.  Queen V’s gift to the people of the east end just keeps on giving.