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Meet The Team: Alan Hannaway


Here at 7digital, we value our team and feel it is important to get to know eachother. We're a vibrant group, united by a passion for music and technology, which fuels our ambition both inside and outside of the workplace.

With many exciting skills and interests spread across each department, we are proud of everyone involved in the 7digital team. Read on to meet our latest addition, Alan Hannaway from the Product Team.

Nice to meet you Alan, how long have you been here now?
Hello! I'm one of the newest people here. I started just 3 weeks ago.
How are you finding it? Anything particularly interesting you’ve picked out about the company so far?
I'm really enjoying it. There are certainly things that are uniquely interesting. I've never worked in a place where you hear music coming from the CEO's office on a regular basis. Beer O'clock on a Friday is fun - but I think the most interesting thing is the people. This is kind of a cliché thing to say about a tech company, but really, everybody here is distinctly friendly. It's been a very welcoming place to come and work.
And what exactly do you do here at 7digital?
Data! I work on the product management team, with a responsibility for making sure we are extracting as much value as possible from our data. The company has been powering music services of all types for over 10 years now, and in that time, have become pretty good at knowing what works and what doesn't when it comes to music powered services. Making sure we, and our business partners stay informed on all of this through exposing our data in interesting and valuables ways is a large part of my job.
You don’t sound like you’re from around these parts, where did you live before you came here?
I just moved to London from Dublin. This is my first time to live outside of Ireland, and it is fun to be a tourist in a new city that you can also call home.
And what was your job there?
I ran my own company, building data products for the entertainment industry.  I also worked as a lecturer, teaching various topics at all levels of various computer science programmes.
What device do you mostly use to listen to music?
My phone while on the move. iPad at the desk, and iPad at home, piping through the TV speakers.
Which band/artist are we most likely to find you listening to?
Francis and the Lights & Future Islands again this week. I'm currently finding myself hitting radio mode to discover new artists off them two.
How different do you think our listening experience will be in the next ten years?
If the pace of change from the last 10 years is anything to go by, things will be very different. The world is listening to more music now than ever, in history. It's a tough one to predict; maybe I should look at some data to try figure it out!