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7digital sponsors Hack the Curriculum Join the #include birthday celebrations!


As you know, 7digital are all about learning and improving and on Saturday April 18th we will be supporting a very special event to do just that: the CAS #include Hack the Curriculum.

The CAS #include Hack the Curriculum, is an opportunity for teachers, professionals and academics to collaborate and share expertise. This is no ordinary hack though! This year our aim is to bring together the teaching expertise of classroom teachers with the knowledge and experience of industry professionals and academics to create a Key Stage 3 Computing Wikibook for students aged 11-13.

The contents of the book will be up to you within the outline of the Government's programme of study - perhaps you have a great idea for teaching a particular concept, so could you write an article, draw a diagram or create a video to explain it? The Wikibook will be available after the event for free to all schools in the country - we think CS should be for all.


I'm an industry professional or an academic, why would I want to come to this event?

  • Shaping education - Come and make a difference to potentially thousands of childrens' education by collaborating with their teachers to produce a resource for all.

  • Meet people - Meet up with other professionals, academics and teachers with common goals of making Computer Science inclusive for all.

  • Free lunch - No explanation needed!

The free drinks part will be CAS #include's 2nd birthday party. Tickets are free and it is a chance for those of you who don't feel like taking part in the whole hackathon but are still interested, to come along and learn about computing education in the UK today. With free drinks.

Sign up here: http://hackthecurriculum2015.eventbrite.co.uk