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An event hosted at 7digital headquarters



Events We’re Attending

Nov 2 2016: RAIN Summit Europe - CEO Simon Cole speaking (London)

Nov 4 2016: BBC Music Conference 2016: The Future of Music (London)

Nov 8 2016: The Audio Collaborative: Renaissance to Evolution - Deputy CEO Pete Downton speaking (London)

Nov 8 2016: AIM Social (London)

Nov 11 2016: London Jazz Festival (London)

Nov 24 2016: Westminster eForum - Conference on UK mobile industry (London)

Nov 28 2016: Radio TechCon (London)

Nov 30 2016: Slush (Helsinki)

Nov 30 2016: Music 4.5 - The New Creative Tech (London)

Feb 23-24 2017: FastForward 2017 - Sponsoring (Amsterdam)


Events We’re Hosting

Sep 29 2016: Radio Reimagined (London)

Sep 13 2016: Agile Leadership Community meetup (London)

Aug 18 2016: FastForward Social III: Data & Tech in Music (London)

Reach out to marketing@7digital.com if you are interested in partnering on an event in our London HQ. 


Past Events

Oct 26 2016: MusicAlly Digital Music Awards 2016 (London)

Oct 19 2016: ARIAs (Leeds)

Oct 17 2016: SF MusicTech (San Francisco)

Oct 12-14 2016: MaMA Festival & Convention (Paris)

Oct 10-13 2016: DDEX (Berlin)

Oct 4 2016: London Australasian Emerging Company Showcase 2016 - CFO Matt Honey presenting (London)

Sep 27 2016: Music 4.5 - The Politics of Licensing (London)

Sep 27 2016: The Radio Festival (London)

Sep 20 2016: AIM AGM (London)

Sep 20 2016: MUSEXPO - CCO Ed Kershaw speaking (London)

Sep 19 2016: NEXT Radio (London)

Sep 7 2016: BPI AGM (London)

Sep 2-7 2016: IFA (Berlin)

Sep 1-2 2016: Agile on the Beach - Software developers Mia Filisch & Hanif Jameel speaking (Cornwall)

Aug 17 2016: RIG Masterclass (London)

Jul 12 2016: Westminster Media Forum - CEO Simon Cole speaking (London)

Jul 8-10 2016: Mycelia Think and Do Weekend (London)

Jun 29 2016: Guardian Digital Development: demystifying getting a job in tech - VP Technology Paul Shannon speaking (London)

Jun 27-29 2016: SPA Conference (LDN)

Jun 28 2016: Gateway to the Asian Music Markets @ the International Festival for Business - Deputy CEO Pete Downton speaking (Liverpool)

Jun 15 2016: Web2day - VP Business Development Laurent Bouquet des Chaux speaking (Nantes)

Jun 13-16 2016: A2IM Indie Week - Director Marketing & Comms Anna Siegel speaking (NY)

Jun 13 2016: MPA/ MMF Training - Head of Music Publishing Partnerships Emma McIntyre speaking on Global Royalty Streams

Jun 9-12 2016: Futur en Seine (Paris)

Jun 6 2016: Digital 2016 (Newport) - Deputy CEO Pete Downton speaking

Jun 3-6 2016: Midem (Cannes) - Deputy CEO Pete Downton speaking on digital radio

Jun 2-5 2016: SoCraTes (Surrey)

Jun 1-3 2016: Strata + Hadoop - VP Technology Paul Shannon & Product Owner for Data Alan Hannaway speaking (London)

May 27-30 2016: Music Tech Festival (Berlin)

May 24-27 2016: XP 2016 - VP Technology Paul Shannon & software engineer Miles Pool presenting on the 7digital technical academy (Edinburgh)

May 19-21 2016: The Great Escape (Brighton)

May 19 2016: Ivor Novello Awards (London)

May 17 2016: AIM Digital Training Day (London)

May 17 2016: Commercial Radio Awards - 7digital sponsoring (London)

May 17 2016: SheSaid.So New Kids on the Blockchain - Software developer Elizabeth Larcombe speaking

May 16-18 2016: Music Biz - Director Marketing & Comms Anna Siegel speaking & GM North America/ VP Business Development James Priestley moderating panel (Nashville)

May 12 2016: Fast Forward Social II (London)

May 12 2016: MusicAlly - Blockchain: Music Without the Middlemen? (London)

May 11-13 2016: Agile Manchester - VP Technology Paul Shannon & software engineer Miles Pool presenting on the 7digital technical academy (Manchester)

May 2-8 2016: Canadian Music Week (Toronto)

Apr 27 2016: BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards - 7digital producing (London)

Apr 27 2016: AIM Music Connected (London)

Apr 26 2016: Jazz FM Awards - 7digital sponsoring (London)

Apr 26 2016: Music 4.5 Blockchain (New York)

Apr 17 2016: RAIN Summit West 7digital sponsoring (Las Vegas)

Apr 16-21 2016: NAB (Las Vegas)

Apr 14-15 2016: Brighton Music Conference (Brighton)

Apr 14 2016: Music 4.5 Smart Radio: Playlists 2 - Product Owner for Data Alan Hannaway speaking (London)

Apr 1-3 2016: Mycelia (London)

Mar 23 2016: RIGTrain: Journalism for factual radio (London)

Mar 16 2016: RIG Meet the Indies - Head of Production Kellie While speaking (Salford)

Mar 11-20 2016: SXSW - CEO Simon Cole and Director of Marketing & Comms Anna Siegel speaking (Texas)

Mar 11-13 2016: High Resolution Festival (Tokyo)

Mar 7 2016: AIM Social (London)

Mar 3 2016: Devs in the 'ditch (London)

Mar 2-5 2016: by:Larm - VP Partnerships & New Business Gunnar Larsen speaking (Oslo)

Feb 24-25 2016: Music Tech & Futures Summit (Nashville)

Feb 24 2016: BRIT Awards 2016 (London)

Feb 22-25 2016: Mobile World Congress (Barcelona) 

Feb 11-13 2016: BBC 6 Music Festival Hack - 7digital partnering (Bristol)

Feb 10 2016: Stepping Out (Surrey)

Feb 9 2016: Mycelia with Imogen Heap (London)

Feb 4-5 2016: FastForward - 7digital sponsored (Amsterdam)

Jan 29 2016: AIM Indie-Con 2016 (London)

Jan 26 2016: Music 4.5 Video (London)

Jan 21 2016: AIMP Binary Code for Business (New York)

Jan 13 2016: ERA Pop Quiz (London)

Jan 6-9 2016: CES (Las Vegas) 




  • The company was founded by Ben Drury and James Kane, offering digital music delivery B2B services. In the year following, 7digital was powering 180 stores for record labels and brands. Our fastest release ever was 46 mins from on-stage performance to sale in Dec 2005 as part of the Live 8 Guinness World Record.


  • 7digital was powering 1,000 stores and made history by enabling Koopa to become the first unsigned act to make it into the top 40 charts on downloads alone. 7digital-powered service Now Play It won “Best Digital Service” award at the BT Digital Music Awards. 7digital signed a partnership with Last.fm and celebrated their first 1 million users on the platform. In 2008 7digital launched the global API and became the first European download store to offer Warner Music catalogue DRM-free.


  • 7digital launched HMV music and video download stores in the UK and Canada, as well as an e-book store for Waterstones. Lost Tunes, powered by 7digital, won the ”Digital Achievement of the Year“ award at the Music Week Awards. We partnered with Songbird to provide an integrated MP3 store and built a mobile app on BlackBerry, which won the EMEA ”Innovation Award“. 7digital integrated MP3 downloads into AOL’s Winamp media player, HMV Group acquired 50% stake in 7digital for £7.7 million, we took part in the first ever Music Hack Day in London and celebrated 7 million tracks our catalogue.


  • 7digital partnered with Shazam, we launched our own Android and iOS apps and developed a unique digital music experience for Samsung devices. Network operator O2 chose 7digital as their digital music partner in the UK and 7digital’s API powered services for 120 clients with 500 million API requests served.

    In the following years 7digital expanded North American operations with key hires and launched Samsung Music Hub 3.0 in numerous territories. 7digital was selected as the music partner for Toshiba connected TV and we released the first digital music store on Windows 8.


  • 7digital merged with award-winning radio company, UBC Media and went public on the LSE. We launched hi-res download stores for Panasonic and Onkyo, a Latin music radio service for SBS (Spanish Broadcasting System) and we confirmed a partnership with will.i.am.


  • 7digital powered the launch of The Overflow, a genre-based streaming app, and we expanded territories for Radioplayer Worldwide. We announced that we are powering services for OpenLIVE, Tonlist, Electric Jukebox, Team Rock, CrowdTunes, Rithm, and Astro. We expanded licenses to Africa making our reach a total of 82 territories. Finally, we launched an integration with Google Cast to playback hi-res audio.


  • 7digital started the year by premiering MQA content on onkyomusic at CES. We announced a new contract to power the relaunch of eMusic and won the tender to produce Jazz programmes for BBC Radio 3. We acquired French B2B streaming service Snowite (now 7digital France) and have brought on a number of new key hires. We launched 7digital Creative to look after curation, radio production, editorial and playlisting services for our partners.