Unique The Production Company.

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About Unique The Production Company

Creation of independently produced content
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What We Do

Unique The Production Company has been pioneering independently-produced content for over 25 years and is responsible for some of the UK’s highest profile radio programming and television content. 

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Unique has always been responsible for a wide variety of music programming – from high-profile regular shows to one-off content and features exploring all aspects of music. We’re also known for our award-winning documentaries and a number of comedies and dramas.

Our Work

Pick of the Pops

Unique’s association with Pick of the Pops stretches back almost forty years. Join Paul Gambaccini as he presents a potent mix of music and memories, celebrating the extraordinary, the incongruous and the unruly contents of classic pop charts every Saturday afternoon on BBC Radio 2.

Sounds of the Sixties

Brian Matthew spends Saturday mornings on BBC Radio 2 celebrating the very best music from the 1960s, including the hits, rarities and the stories behind the songs. Explore pop’s golden decade on the Sounds of the Sixties website with archive interviews and more.

Something Understood

A blend of music, interview, poetry and prose, this long-running series provides an oasis for contemplation, spiritual debate or philosophical thought every Sunday morning on BBC Radio 4. Sir Mark Tully meditates upon universal questions with the help of great poets, writers, thinkers and musicians, ancient and contemporary.

Sunday Morning

There’s a musical smorgasbord every Sunday morning on BBC Radio 3 with three hours of classics spanning five centuries. Rob Cowan and James Jolly take the reins for this weekly programme that explores a diverse yet complementary programme of works around a chosen topic.


The National Health Service proves fertile ground for satire in this BBC Radio 4 sitcom about two sibling doctors who struggle with healthcare reforms as they run the Polyoaks surgery. Written by Dr Phil Hammond and David Spicer, and starring Nigel Planer, Tony Gardner, Celia Imrie and David Westhead.

The Cold Swedish Winter

BBC Radio 4's sitcom, written by Danny Robins, focuses on a London stand-up comic adapting to life in Sweden. The two series of this show were made on location with some of Sweden’s most popular TV comedy actors.